The first Friday Juma of Ramzan, widely considered very auspicious by the fasting believers, was very special for three visually challenged scholars of Madin Academy here.

When the three scholars with visual impairment, Shabeer Ali, Umerul Aqsam and Sinan, were called in to lead the Juma rites at Madin Grand Mosque on March 15 (Friday), it was not only recognition for the visually challenged, but also a record of sorts.

Madin officials said nowhere in the country had three visually challenged persons led different Juma rites such as the azaan (call for prayer), the khutbah (preaching) and the prayer before.

The three of them had already won the honorific Hafiz when they learned the Koran by heart. Shabeer Ali had won the fourth position in an international Koran recital competition held in Dubai in 2021. In the following year, he was honoured by the Madin Academy by making deliver the first Juma khutbah. But this time around, the Madin Academy went a step ahead by bringing three visually impaired scholars to lead the Juma rites.

The packed crowds in the mosque sat in self-hypnosis as Shabeer Ali delivered the khutbah in his mellow tone. They said ameen in unison to Shabeer’s Ali’s supplication. A winner of several events in Islamic arts festivals organised by the Sunni Students Federation, Shabeer Ali had learned the entire Koran by heart through the Braille script in 18 months after he joined the Madin Tahfeelul Quran College here.

Umerul Aqsam made the call for prayer (azaan) and the sweetness of his voice echoed through the hearts of the crowds. He won several prizes in Koran recitation and Arabic songs.
If Shabeer Ali and Umerul Aqsam provided an enchanting experience for the people with their voice, Sinan stole the hearts with his oratorical skills after the prayers. The audience praised him for the content and his delivery skills. A winner of several elocution and essay competitions, Sinan is known for his computer skills. He offers computer guidance to his juniors at Madin Academy.

Academy Chairman Syed Ibrahim Khaleel Bukhari, who congratulated the young scholars, said that they were way ahead of us with their inner sight. “It is our responsibility to hold the hands of the differently abled when we march ahead,” he said.

Kerala Federation of the Blind Teachers Forum president Sudheer Kollam said that it was a proud moment for the entire visually challenged community.