Ma’din Academy plans Ramadan Campaign with a variety of events  during the holy month of Ramadan . Thirty events are planned this time that touch on different areas. The campaign will conclude with a prayer meeting on the night of the 27th of Ramadan. As the Covid-19 threat has receded, more extensive projects are being implemented this time around.

Distribution of relief kits for the hearing-visually-impaired, annual edition of Able Voice, codifying the life journey of individuals who have excelled in the field of disability, exemplary rehabilitation program for children with disabilities at the local level, Qur’an memorisation for children with various challenges, Qur’an recitation, Azan ‘Prayer call’ competition, orientation program for madrassa teachers and mahal leadership to introduce the field to differentiated disability, gathering of people working in the field of disability, Iftar meet, clothing distribution, workshop and Eid meet will be organized. The first Friday of Ramadan, the Friday sermon at the Ma’din Grand Mosque will be led by Hafiz Shabeer Ali, a differently abled student at Ma’din.

There will be two Taraweeh prayers a day at the Grand Mosque. Apart from the Taraweeh prayers which are held at 8 pm, the Taraweeh prayers which are performed every day at 11.30 pm with the facility of Qatmul Qur’an which completes the 30 Juz of the Qur’an. This will be very convenient for those working during in night shifts.
About 100 students from Ma’din Hifz Qur’an College travelled to lead Taraweeh prayer in countries like UAE, Malaysia, Singapore and inside various states of India.

Zakat seminar will be held on the 4th of Ramadan. Classes and training sessions is held specially tailored for women from Monday, April 4 to April 24 under the theme ‘Good Family, Good Society’.

With the help of Ma’din De Addiction Center, Mimhar, the anti-drug awareness events and traffic awareness campaigns, events promoting the importance of water conservation will be held.
Every day during Ramadan, a children’s Qur’an study forum will be held at different times from 10.30 am. The Majlis-ul-Baraka spiritual gathering will be held at the Ma’din Grand Mosque every day from 5.30 pm until Iftar.

During the thirty days of Ramadan, Iftar gatherings are organized for the convenience of travelers, patients in nearby hospitals and inmates. There will be a Hadith class and Ihtikaf Jalsa at the Ma’din Grand Mosque for 30 days of fasting. Facilities including break fast, dinner and accommodation will be provided for the visitors.

Islamic history study program will be held every day during Ramadan from 1 pm. Prominent historian Abu Shakir Sulaiman Faizi Kizhisseri will lead the program at the Grand Mosque. Ibrahim Baqavi, Samastha District Secretary, will lead the Jurisprudence study which will be held every day at 4 pm. There will be special allowance of time for resolving doubts. The battle of Badr commemoration and recitation of Maulid will be performed on the 16th of Ramadan. The School of Qur’an is organized on the Sundays of the holy month from seven o’clock. The School of Qur’an will be headed by Director Abu Baker Saqafi Areekode.

On the night of the 27th of Ramadan, a peace and prayer conference will be held in which one million believers are expected to attend. The pledge against terrorism and the Prayer for world peace also will be held in the conference.